About me






I’m American by birth but have spent the last quarter century living abroad. I have a master’s degree in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, a Transpersonal approach founded in the early 20th century by Roberto Assagioli. I did my studying at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London and my master’s degree was validated by the University of East London.  I have worked with adolescents in school and in counselling centre setttings, and have been a supervisor of youth counsellors. I have also worked for several years with refugees, so have worked quite a bit with trauma. Because of my experience of being an ex-pat myself, I specialise in working with ex-pats and have worked with people from all over the world. I am a member of the ACCESS counselling Network. ACCESS is an organisation designed to assist the expat community.

Although I work integratively and have many different tools at my disposal, I chose Psychosynthesis as my primary modality because of its holistic nature. Psychosynthesis is very much like other therapy modalities in practice, but the philosophy behind it is a bit different. In Psychosynthesis we are taught that problems in life aren’t just issues to be solved, but, when properly understood and addressed, they are the keys to greater self-awareness and inner freedom. Each client is a unique individual with talents and capacities and a purpose in life which often isn’t being fulfilled but which could be when properly understood. So I don’t just look at problems, but at potential as well. This vision often helps my clients to see themselves and their problems in a new light as well, and helps them to see what needs to be done and why. It helps with developing a sense of meaning and purpose and a will to act towards fulfilling them.

I am working with clients in the Hague for much of the year, but I am in the US for four months each winter. I can work short-term with clients until the end of November, and after that I am prepared to continue working with clients who wish to on Skype, Facetime or telephone until I return in the spring.