Expat Counselling and therapy in the Hague

ACCESS_mark_CSN+webAt times in one’s life feelings such as anxiety, stress, anger, sadness or depression can become overwhelming. You may feel stuck and frustrated. You may wonder why there are patterns which seem to be repeating themselves throughout your life. It may help to have a space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings without being judged or criticized.

My name is Suzanne Gerstner. I provide counselling and therapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

I work in a humanistic, transpersonal, integrative way with adults and adolescents with the aim of exploring and making sense of difficult feelings and events. This may enable you to live life more fully, as we explore how these issues are impacting your life, work and relationships. I am also able to do telephone or internet counselling on Skype.

I can help you find clarity, peace of mind, and your own way forward during challenging times.

Located in the Benoordenhout area of the Hague near the beautiful Park Clingendael. Easily accessible from Wassenaar, Voorburg, Voorschoten, Rijswijk and Leiden by car and public transportation.